• How to Master Effective Communication in Leadership

    Network of people

    With these 7 Core Competencies Have you ever encountered a leader who captivates everyone’s attention when they speak? They seem to possess a magical power that inspires and motivates those around them. This is what communication is all about.  In the last of this brief series on leadership skills I’m looking at … Leadership & […]


  • Low Morale & Poor Motivation

    The fourth in my series on keys to successful leadership focuses on Morale & Motivation. When leaders fail to inspire and empower their teams, employees become disheartened and lacking in motivation.        So, what leadership style makes for an inspiring leader? Well, they have this amazing ability to motivate employees by painting a clear picture of […]


  • Training and Development – which comes first?

    People at a workshop

    In my Leadership post, I suggested six things you must get right to be an effective leader. In the first follow-up, I emphasised the need for a transparent shared vision. But today, let’s shift our focus to Training and Development. It’s essential to give employees opportunities to learn and grow. Think workshops, seminars, online courses, […]


  • The Power of a Clear Vision


    Guiding Your Business to Success In my last post on leadership, I suggested a Lack of Vision and Direction was a fundamental cause of poor leadership. Without a clear aim, people lack motivation, perform poorly, and as a result, provide inadequate service. Why is it so crucial? Without a shared understanding of the organisation’s Vision, […]


  • The Disastrous Impact of Poor Leadership on Customer Service

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    We all know leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s culture, values, and overall performance. Poor leadership has far-reaching consequences, often manifesting in poor service delivery. The five-star hotel I recently stayed in boasted superb facilities, but also possessed apathetic and disinterested staff. The customer most definitely did not come first. How on […]