• The journey begins with awareness

    Shelley Bridgman blog - The journey begins with awareness

    In last week’s post, I discussed meditation and received countless requests for information. I went to an expert on the topic who provides a free meditation course on his site. James Granstrom recounts his journey: “My story is a journey from addictive behaviours to inner peace, happiness, exuberant health and well-being. In the Autumn of […]


  • Will you find the courage to be you?

    Shelley Bridgman Blog | Will you find the courage to be you

    In my last post, I suggested seven steps to take as part of the process of connecting with your purpose. The first of these was – The Answer is Within You. Stop looking outwards for an expert to find it for you. They will never know you as well as you do. Turn your attention […]


  • Are you connected to your purpose?

    Shelley Bridgman Blog | purpose

    One of the few positive things to emerge from the pandemic, was and maybe still is, an opportunity for reflection and reappraisal of our lives, where we are going, why we’re going there or indeed asking ourselves if it’s what we should be doing. In short, asking the question. “What is our purpose?” Goals will […]


  • Can’t Find Your Purpose?

    Shelley Bridgman blog Purpose

    There’s something depressing about the notion that a short questionnaire can give you the answer to this vital question, especially if you have spent years searching for the answer. Some of us spend a lifetime of self-questioning and frustration. We go on workshop after workshop looking for the answers. Each time, we learn something, feel […]


  • Vision, Mission & Values

    Metametrics Blog Vision, Mission, Values

    I recently described your Vision as what you aspire to see in the future. You may not see it in your lifetime, but you want to take action to bring your vision closer to reality. Mission defines what you do and how you do it in the present. It contributes to the vision. To test […]