• How to Recognise, Understand, and Overcome Shame

    Shame is an emotion that wields destructive power, affecting the lives of entrepreneurs and leaders. In my work, I’ve observed how this intricate feeling acts as a destructive barrier to personal and professional development. In, a recent post I wrote about shame. Today, I’m going to look at shame, its origins, manifestations, and the wisdom […]


  • We are all citizens of Planet Earth

    In my last post, I discussed shame and said I’d be delving into it further. Recent events have given me cause to reflect on my role. As a member of the population of planet earth, I feel deeply ashamed of humankind’s endless ability to inflict pain and suffering on itself. I previously discussed Compassion and […]


  • Shame – The Greatest Saboteur of Life & Business

    Image of the word Shame on a pink cloud with other words - blame, shame, bully coming out of it.

    Shame – The Greatest Saboteur of Life & Business – AND How to starve it Shame and its co-dependant lover fear have long been recognised as tremendous obstacles that hinder personal and professional growth. The two primary fears are failure & rejection. The underlying fear is shame. The work of John Bowlby on attachment theory […]


  • Should You Be Vulnerable In The World Of Business

    Image of two chicks on the grass with one hiding behind the other as they feel vulnerable

    Should You Be Vulnerable In The World Of Business – And are you Brave Enough? Sharing vulnerability in the realm of entrepreneurship and leadership is a multifaceted and intricate endeavour, entangled with both the spectre of shame and the shadow of fear, which ought not be ignored. The interplay between shame and fear in this […]


  • Empathy & Compassion – What does it mean for you?

    Image of two people holding hands looking down on the earth. So what does empathy and compassion mean to you?

    Empathy & Compassion What does it mean for you? – And an acknowledgement of philosopher Martin Buber’s contribution In my last post I discussed the power of empathy and compassion in the coaching arena. So how do they play out in the world? Empathy and compassion are two interconnected yet distinct concepts that play pivotal […]