• Do You Feel Dread When It Comes To Goal Setting?

    Shelley Bridgman Blog | Do You feel Fear When It Comes To Goal Setting?

    It’s coming up to that time of year when we set our sights on what we want to achieve in the coming year. You religiously sit down and start the process of goal setting – and usually set a string of goals, only to find you lose belief in them before the proverbial ink is […]


  • FEAR

    Shelley Bridgman Blog | fear

    I’ve been discussing fear, and am intrigued, if not dismayed, by how it’s currently playing out in society. We seem divided between those who are on board with adhering to rules and queuing up for vaccinations and those who are anti-vaccination, because they believe there are side-effects or they simply don’t trust what they’re being […]


  • Fear Q & A

    Shelley Bridgman | Fear Q&A

    FEAR Q & A In my last post, I discussed fear and suggested that fears broadly fall into two categories, the fear of rejection and the fear of failure. I received a lot of questions on rejection & failure and thought I’d answer two that came up several times.   JY asks: “Is everyone in either […]


  • How to stop fear ruling your life

    Shelley Bridgman Blog How to stop fear ruling your life

    If, like me, you’ve ever felt exasperated by experts telling you your fears aren’t real or if you feel frustrated because you should be capable of simply ignoring them, so they’ll disappear, this is for you. We all have them, but when you consider how you respond to your fears, you face a stark choice. Will […]


  • What Does Success Mean To You?

    Shelley Bridgman | Blog What does Success Look Like To You

    There is an inevitable futility about trying to change yourself to become a success—especially if you’ve been trying to do it for as long as you can remember. One personal development course after another. But what if you already possess all you will ever need? What if you achieve success by accessing the gifts you already […]