• How Leaders Manage their Emotions

    Scales with brain and heart

    Without interpreting acceptance of the emotion as acceptance of the cause There is something liberating about accepting the existence of our emotions and acknowledging their inevitability. – Emotional Intelligence. In a previous post, I talked about the need to express them healthily rather than suppressing them. Understanding Emotions The first step is understanding emotions or […]


  • How do Leaders Deal with Anger?

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    And why it’s vital you understand anger management We experience anger as thoughts and feel it in the body. (See emotions) Anger varies in intensity, duration, and expression. It might be fleeting or may escalate to intense rage and aggression. But anger can also serve as a signal that something is wrong, prompting us to […]


  • Why emotions are neither good nor bad but are just emotions

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    How you express them and manage them is key In my last post, I discussed attitudes toward positive thinking and received a lot of questions about positivity in relation to emotions. People often view having a positive mindset as essential for living a happy and fulfilling life. But sometimes the pressure to maintain constant positivity […]


  • Do you feel positive about Positive Thinking?

    Positive thinking

    Is Positive Thinking the elixir of success? In this series on my 7 pet hates of bad Personal Development or Self-Improvement Coaches, the second of these is: – “Focus on Positive Thinking. We can programme our brains to only focus on positive thinking.” First, I want to acknowledge our thoughts have a profound impact on […]


  • Why we should stop talking about Limiting Beliefs

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    And understand our brilliant protective minds In my last post, I discussed some of my pet hates from the world of Personal development or self-improvement. Most of the proponents in the space use approaches rooted in positive psychology and techniques that focus on challenging negative beliefs and taking action to cultivate a healthy mindset. We […]