Your Foundation Story

In my recent blog, I focused on the importance of your clients or customers knowing who you are, how you became skilled at what you do, and what gives you the right to position yourself as an expert. They also want to know why you do what you do. I suggested, sharing your “Foundation story”…

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Why now is the right time to become the leader in your field

In my last post I shared “Your clients want to know why you are the person to help them” what drove you to gain expertise and passion for your service. In short, they want to know who you are. This doesn’t mean sharing every event from a swimming certificate to coming second in a race…

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Can you be successful in a recession……… without Burnout?

2008 – Banking collapse & Austerity 2020 – Lockdown & economic standstill (for some) 2022 -Recession? When you think of these dates and the associated financial hardship, you might think they weren’t separate at all. In fact, you could go back to the 1980s and 1990s and might argue that for many, it’s been a…

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What does it take to make a great communicator?

How do Diversity thinkers communicate? Communication is key to all relationships, but effective communication is a must with our market and our clients. The problem is the first thing many people ask themselves is, “How do I convey my message?” They then ask themselves, “What problem am I solving?” Fine, but what about asking the…

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Mental Health

We designated 10th October World Mental Health day, but what do we mean by Mental Health? ‘The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual’ (DSM V) which, along with the World Health Organisations International Classification of Diseases (ICD 11), are used by mental health clinicians across the globe when assessing and diagnosing. DSM V lists Broad categories of “conditions”:…

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