Shelley Bridgman Blog Why we mustn't let acts of racism and hate speech directed at minorities go unchecked.

Why we mustn’t let acts of racism and hate speech directed at minorities go unchecked.

All English, all talented, all courageous, all deserve more respect, all deserve more gratitude for their service to English football and their contribution to society.  I recently posted about unconscious biases and showed that we all possess them and left unchallenged, they lead us to make unhealthy decisions both for us and others. Bringing these biases…

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Showing Up Real – Why Does it Matter?

In a world where we have lost faith in our leaders, where we are surrounded by fake news, and where a virus has laid bare our limits when we try to control our world (not that we ever did control it), we are searching more than ever for brands, leaders and people we can believe…

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Who Do You Think You Are?

How we form our view of ourselves and how the world sees us has evoked discussion for centuries. Different views of ‘self’ form the basis of our understanding of identity and how we think about our identity. Plato suggested an ‘essence’ of the self, separate to the physical self. Existentialists such as Sartre believed in…

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Six steps to taking the Fear out of Anxiety in a Lockdown

If you have experienced anxiety during the current lockdown, you will be in excellent company. There cannot be many people who have not been anxious through the loss of earnings, business or occupation.  Fear of catching COVID-19, worrying about loved ones or simply feeling isolated and being stuck at home for 24 hours per day may…

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