• Confronting Your Fears


    Before you even think about overcoming your fears, acknowledging and confronting them is a necessary first step. You start off by recognizing your fear. If you have several types of fears, then you can rank them according to intensity. That way, you will recognize which fear needs immediate attention. The best way to get yourself […]


  • Why it Would be a Shame to Avoid Your Fears

    In my last post, I asked you what topic you would be interested in me writing about. Shame seemed to be the topic that interested most readers and how shame feeds off fear. First, please own up if you have fears you’ve been avoiding for a long time.  The problem is, if you avoid dealing […]


  • How to prevent fear and shame from destroying your performance

    I discussed both fear and shame in earlier posts, but I want to explore the relationship between the two and why understanding is key to your performance as a leader and the ability to fulfil your purpose. As a reminder. Fear Fear describes our emotional response to danger. Clearly, an element of fear permits a […]


  • FEAR

    Shelley Bridgman Blog | fear

    I’ve been discussing fear, and am intrigued, if not dismayed, by how it’s currently playing out in society. We seem divided between those who are on board with adhering to rules and queuing up for vaccinations and those who are anti-vaccination, because they believe there are side-effects or they simply don’t trust what they’re being […]


  • Fear Q & A

    Shelley Bridgman | Fear Q&A

    FEAR Q & A In my last post, I discussed fear and suggested that fears broadly fall into two categories, the fear of rejection and the fear of failure. I received a lot of questions on rejection & failure and thought I’d answer two that came up several times.   JY asks: “Is everyone in either […]