• Will the real you please stand up?

    Who we are

    When I talked about Purpose in a recent post, there was a lot of discussion about what or how we define ourselves. I believe the key is the relationship between who we are, why we are, and what we are because it’s multifaceted, i.e. these three components are all interconnected and influence one another at […]


  • What is the Biggest Challenge facing you as the leader in your Business?

    – greater turnover and bigger profit are already taken! And, anyway I’m talking about you, not the business. As a prelude to my series on taking ownership of yourselves and your Foundation stories i.e. the experiences that give you the credibility and authority to provide the services you provide, it’s important to identify and acknowledge […]


  • Your Foundation Story

    In my recent blog, I focused on the importance of your clients or customers knowing who you are, how you became skilled at what you do, and what gives you the right to position yourself as an expert. They also want to know why you do what you do. I suggested, sharing your “Foundation story” […]


  • Mental Health

    We designated 10th October World Mental Health day, but what do we mean by Mental Health? ‘The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual’ (DSM V) which, along with the World Health Organisations International Classification of Diseases (ICD 11), are used by mental health clinicians across the globe when assessing and diagnosing. DSM V lists Broad categories of “conditions”: […]