Vision, Mission and Values

  • The Power of a Clear Vision


    Guiding Your Business to Success In my last post on leadership, I suggested a Lack of Vision and Direction was a fundamental cause of poor leadership. Without a clear aim, people lack motivation, perform poorly, and as a result, provide inadequate service. Why is it so crucial? Without a shared understanding of the organisation’s Vision, […]


  • Why emotions are neither good nor bad but are just emotions

    Scales weighing emotions

    How you express them and manage them is key In my last post, I discussed attitudes toward positive thinking and received a lot of questions about positivity in relation to emotions. People often view having a positive mindset as essential for living a happy and fulfilling life. But sometimes the pressure to maintain constant positivity […]


  • Do you feel positive about Positive Thinking?

    Positive thinking

    Is Positive Thinking the elixir of success? In this series on my 7 pet hates of bad Personal Development or Self-Improvement Coaches, the second of these is: – “Focus on Positive Thinking. We can programme our brains to only focus on positive thinking.” First, I want to acknowledge our thoughts have a profound impact on […]


  • Why we should stop talking about Limiting Beliefs

    a brain held within hands

    And understand our brilliant protective minds In my last post, I discussed some of my pet hates from the world of Personal development or self-improvement. Most of the proponents in the space use approaches rooted in positive psychology and techniques that focus on challenging negative beliefs and taking action to cultivate a healthy mindset. We […]