Your Foundation Story

In my recent blog, I focused on the importance of your clients or customers knowing who you are, how you became skilled at what you do, and what gives you the right to position yourself as an expert. They also want to know why you do what you do. I suggested, sharing your “Foundation story”…

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The number one trait Entrepreneurs & Leaders develop is “Diversity thinking”!

These are the skills you need to sharpen! “It was the best of times it was the worst of times,” wrote Charles Dickens in his work “A Tale of Two Cities.” Dickens was writing about the French Revolution which was over two hundred years ago, but those words could apply to the world in 2022…

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7 Ways to get support for busy Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Support Many of you were or are solopreneurs or leaders in organisations where you spend a significant amount of time working alone. As a result, it’s tempting to fall into the trap of feeling you have to figure out everything for yourself. This makes it even more important to get support. What is available? Here…

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The 7 Habits of Well Supported Leaders

What does support look like? The word seems to evoke weakness, so how do we qualify this thing called support? We freely use the word support, and acknowledge its importance, but what is support for business leaders, senior managers, and entrepreneurs? Individuals seem to have their own view of what support looks, sounds, hears, feels,…

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Shelley Bridgman | Fear Q&A

Fear Q & A

FEAR Q & A In my last post, I discussed fear and suggested that fears broadly fall into two categories, the fear of rejection and the fear of failure. I received a lot of questions on rejection & failure and thought I’d answer two that came up several times.   JY asks: “Is everyone in either…

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