What does it take to make a great communicator?

How do Diversity thinkers communicate? Communication is key to all relationships, but effective communication is a must with our market and our clients. The problem is the first thing many people ask themselves is, “How do I convey my message?” They then ask themselves, “What problem am I solving?” Fine, but what about asking the…

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Mental Health

We designated 10th October World Mental Health day, but what do we mean by Mental Health? ‘The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual’ (DSM V) which, along with the World Health Organisations International Classification of Diseases (ICD 11), are used by mental health clinicians across the globe when assessing and diagnosing. DSM V lists Broad categories of “conditions”:…

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Shelley Bridgman blog - The journey begins with awareness

The journey begins with awareness

In last week’s post, I discussed meditation and received countless requests for information. I went to an expert on the topic who provides a free meditation course on his site. James Granstrom recounts his journey: “My story is a journey from addictive behaviours to inner peace, happiness, exuberant health and well-being. In the Autumn of…

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