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Professional Speaker Shelley Bridgman

If you’re looking for an outstanding speaker on mindset and change, you have just found her.

Drawing on her unconventional life experiences, Shelley delivers inspirational and transformative messages that captivate her audiences.

Whether she’s speaking to 1,000s or to10 executives around a boardroom table, Shelley will not only inspire them to change, but will teach them how.

From building (and losing) a business, becoming a successful stand-up comedian, to breakdown and attempted suicide, Shelley’s life experiences have shaped who she is and her approach to speaking about transformational change.

In her story-telling, Shelley uses passion and humour to inspire and entertain audiences with her experiences of overcoming failures and attempts at self-destruction before ultimately recognising that transformational change happens when we stop wearing a mask and become who we already are.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, as a stand-up, Shelley performed five one-woman shows at the Edinburgh Festival, wrote and co-starred in a BBC sitcom and performed a one-woman show for a seven-night run off-Broadway in New York. These days, though speaking has taken over from stand-up comedy, but she still MCs in comedy clubs, as she knows that it makes for a better speaker.

In 1997, Toastmasters International recognised Shelley as one of the top two ‘humorous’ speakers in Great Britain.

In 2019 after an eleven year fight, Shelley defeated the UK Government in the European Court of Justice impacting thousands of lives across Europe. As a result of her life experience, Shelley is on a mission to take this passion and her grasp of human behaviour into the corporate arena.

Media appearances

She is an in-demand media commentator specialising in psychotherapy and psychology who has appeared on BBC Television, Sky News, and Channel 4 and 5, as well as on Radio 2, Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio 4’s prestigious Woman’s Hour, and Midweek programmes. She has also featured in ‘Psychologies’, and ‘Therapy Today’ magazines.

With over 30 years’ experience as a psychotherapist and coach, Shelley is a Transformational Change and Thought Diversity expert, hypnotherapist and author, whose mission is to help us reveal our real personal or business ‘why’.

Keynote topics

As a Speaker, she brings her irrepressible spirit and humour to inspire audiences with her signature topics:

  • Stop trying to change and become your magnificent self
  • Developing a fearless mindset
  • Diversity Thinking.

Bringing together her personal and professional experience, Shelley is on a mission to share her passion for understanding human behaviour in the corporate arena–showing people how to apply her fundamental principles of transformational change and build stronger businesses and organisations.

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Transformational Change

Never in our lifetimes have we faced uncertainty on a scale needed in the twenties. If we are to rise to the challenge, we need specific skills and a mindset to match.  Some speakers understand the theory of change and may even understand the need to adapt. Few speakers can walk the talk and have successfully overcome huge personal change and bounced back from business failure. Coupled with a deep understanding of human behaviour and psychology. Blend this with a gift for storytelling and humour and you have the perfect cocktail for an inspirational, yet practical Keynote.

Diversity Thinking

The unprecedented challenges facing us today require a different mindset as many strategies that worked previously, may now be redundant. Thirty years ago in one six-week period, Shelley had a breakdown, suicide attempt, lost her Mother, and her business. Determined not to be defeated she applied the strategies she needed to survive, thrive and grow exponentially. Shelley shares these and other strategies needed in today’s world and says it’s time we stopped talking about “Inclusion” as an aspiration driven by moral or legal requirement. We won’t grow as a society or in business if we don’t understand the compelling richness of diversity. Shelley is a published author who has written diversity policies for businesses and organisations.

How to Be Who You Are – Finding your Voice and Purpose

The world had been turned upside down. Entrepreneurs, businesses, and consumers are moving away from consuming information and want to buy solutions and experiences. More and more they want to know who you are and what you stand for. We have to be able to articulate our values and why we provide the products and services we do. We have to be willing to be “Real” and to recognise we will be loved by those who share our values and ignored or even disliked by those who don’t. Shelley offers pragmatic solutions and a map to connect who we are with our Purpose.

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