• Six keys to understanding & overcoming Shame

    Six keys to understanding & overcoming Shame – I believe too many in the self-improvement space overlook the impact of shame. My last post on shame resulted in a host of questions. These are the top six. What is the difference between shame and guilt?When someone lacks nurturing, appreciation, and support, they attempt to relieve […]


  • How to free yourself from shame and be seen in a noisy world

    How to free yourself from shame and be seen in a noisy world – And stop wearing the mask of acceptability Do you ever feel you’re hiding your true self from the world? Do you frequently wear a mask to shield yourself from criticism or rejection? Before answering no, step back and think about it. […]


  • How to Recognise, Understand, and Overcome Shame

    Shame is an emotion that wields destructive power, affecting the lives of entrepreneurs and leaders. In my work, I’ve observed how this intricate feeling acts as a destructive barrier to personal and professional development. In, a recent post I wrote about shame. Today, I’m going to look at shame, its origins, manifestations, and the wisdom […]


  • Why we should stop talking about Limiting Beliefs

    a brain held within hands

    And understand our brilliant protective minds In my last post, I discussed some of my pet hates from the world of Personal development or self-improvement. Most of the proponents in the space use approaches rooted in positive psychology and techniques that focus on challenging negative beliefs and taking action to cultivate a healthy mindset. We […]