• Why a Mission Statement isn’t Just Another Painful Cliché

    And why do I have to have a mission statement? In this series looking at WWW Who we are, Why we are & What we are, I previously discussed the Who and the Why, and am now addressing the What. Our Vision statement says a lot about Who we are, but it explains more about why we are. Our mission statement is […]


  • Why a Clear Vision is Vital to your Business

    View of mountains

    And why it’s important for your life If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you are someone with a desire to leave your mark on the world and make a difference in the lives of others. The challenge is at the core of every successful leader is a vision, an aspirational dream that guides their actions […]


  • The Story That Shaped Your Vision

    To link the Who, Why & How together we have to begin the process of getting comfortable with our message. Yes, I said process. We begin with reflection, but we find out by doing and getting feedback. I’ve had a lot of requests to elaborate on how your own story has shaped your vision of […]


  • What does success look like & how do you have an influence?

    I’ve been discussing the notion of Purpose and the importance of three key elements. So far, I’ve looked at Who we are and Why we are. The third is How we are in the world. There are several views on finding one’s purpose in life. Some believe a greater power ordains one’s purpose. They usually […]