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I'm Shelley, Empowering Leaders committed to improving lives.

Speaker on Transformational Change & Peak Performance.

As a specialist in transformational change, I use my knowledge of psychology, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy as well as my early experience running three businesses for my keynotes speeches and in my coaching and workshops – all delivered with a fair dose of humour – to help leaders, CEOs and consultants stand out from the crowd and ‘show up real’.

I know for many business leaders and entrepreneurs, change is a challenge.

But for organisations to succeed in the 2020s, they need to embrace what I call ‘diversity thinking’: a fresh approach to creativity and a commitment to developing a creative, inclusive workplace culture.

An 8-year stint as a stand-up comedian and my own personal transformational change means I’m not one of those personal development or coaching ‘gurus’ you’ll find all over LinkedIn.

Instead, I use humour to connect with business leaders and get my message across, and practical and actionable advice to empower them to embrace change and make a real difference.

My Book

Published Author

My biography ‘Stand-up For Yourself’ & Become the Hero or Shero you were born to be’ is available  on Amazon. How I went from being a suicidal failure to helping thousands of people embrace their authentic selves and transform their lives. Before being an international speaker, sought after Coach, Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist I was a business failure, my personal life was in turmoil and I hated who I was. It was only when I faced up to expressing my authentic self that my life changed. I spent years working on myself to accept who I am. I became obsessed with understanding the human mind and human behaviour while becoming a Psychotherapist, studying NLP, EMDR and Hypnosis I know for many business leaders and entrepreneurs change is a challenge.


My Journey to Here


Left school aged 14 – no qualifications


Barristers Clerk for one year


Worked for a Bookmaker just off Carnaby St in the 1960s


Spent 7 days a week in clubs, became an expert on drinking and numerous excesses


Aged 21 Went hitchhiking across Europe and began a lifetime’s love affair with travelling


Aged 22 Began life as a junior in a Travel agency