• The Story That Shaped Your Vision

    To link the Who, Why & How together we have to begin the process of getting comfortable with our message. Yes, I said process. We begin with reflection, but we find out by doing and getting feedback. I’ve had a lot of requests to elaborate on how your own story has shaped your vision of […]


  • What does success look like & how do you have an influence?

    I’ve been discussing the notion of Purpose and the importance of three key elements. So far, I’ve looked at Who we are and Why we are. The third is How we are in the world. There are several views on finding one’s purpose in life. Some believe a greater power ordains one’s purpose. They usually […]


  • Why, Who & What…and why it matters

    Why, Who & What text

    In my last post, I suggested rather than How we do what we do, our customers and clients want to know WHO we are. Same letters – different priority.   Thanks to widespread access to news via countless media channels, the internet and social media, consumers are more interested and informed than ever before. They […]


  • Will the real you please stand up?

    Who we are

    When I talked about Purpose in a recent post, there was a lot of discussion about what or how we define ourselves. I believe the key is the relationship between who we are, why we are, and what we are because it’s multifaceted, i.e. these three components are all interconnected and influence one another at […]


  • The number one action you must take to prevent Burnout


    Thirty something years ago I met a business leader who was struggling to keep a business afloat. The pressure had been building for a long-time. Market conditions were hard, and they were struggling with personal problems. The bags around their eyes and their pallid complexion were indicators of the lack of sleep and exhaustion they […]