• The number one action you must take to prevent Burnout


    Thirty something years ago I met a business leader who was struggling to keep a business afloat. The pressure had been building for a long-time. Market conditions were hard, and they were struggling with personal problems. The bags around their eyes and their pallid complexion were indicators of the lack of sleep and exhaustion they […]


  • Taking Ownership

    On Monday, I spent several hours with someone in an A & E department . By the way, why can’t we call it casualty again? – far simpler. Perhaps it would evoke nostalgic memories of Saturday nights in front of the television with a bottle of red and a packet of crisps. The wait time […]


  • We all know what stress is, or do we?

    Stress is the second in our series looking at the causes of burnout. Stress expert Carole Spiers ? Stress, Wellbeing, Organisational Change Speaker Spiers says ‘With the increasing pressure on people at work in a global, competitive and ever-changing world, managing the stress of home and work is fundamental to people’s wellbeing and the performance of our […]


  • Is Burnout inevitable in today’s hectic world?

    Burnout is fast becoming endemic in the world of business. In a recent survey by the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 30% of employees admitted they had experienced symptoms of burnout at some point. With leaders and senior managers, the figure rose to 50%. So What is Burnout? Burnout has probably been with us as […]


  • The Five Deadly sins of Entrepreneurship?


    There’s something freeing about admitting you have challenges, especially when you discover you’re not alone in experiencing them. Like the time you were a new start-up and were about to launch a new product and woke up in a cold sweat in the night wondering if you’d included a piece of vital information in the […]