In my last post, I discussed shame and said I’d be delving into it further. Recent events have given me cause to reflect on my role.

As a member of the population of planet earth, I feel deeply ashamed of humankind’s endless ability to inflict pain and suffering on itself.

I previously discussed Compassion and suggested it goes beyond understanding and extends into the realm of action. It’s the sense of concern and care for others, especially in times of suffering or distress.

Our compassion compels us to alleviate the suffering of others, be it through acts of kindness, aid, or societal change.

Can we stand back and say, “It’s nothing to do with me?” We can, but Buber’s concept of “Inclusion” relates to compassion by highlighting the importance of recognising the suffering of others as our own concern.

How we do this is an individual choice. Everything from contacting a friend affected by the conflict to supporting charities or lobbying governments. I feel helpless if I watch endless news bulletins, but if I do something, it may make a tiny difference somewhere.

In the longer term, there must be sustainable solutions, but now is the time for each of us to be a better version of humankind.

I have friends who are profoundly affected by current events. My heart weeps for them and I send them love. Not a solution, but it’s the best I can do today.

I have worked in and or visited many, if not most, of the countries between the Mediterranean and North Africa across to the Indian Ocean and Indian sub-continent. I encountered wonderful, extraordinary, loving people in every country I set foot in.

Today, I hold on to that.