Image by Jean Nomadino from Pixabay showing stage masks to represent authenticity

Embracing Authenticity to Lead with Impact and Make a Difference!

Why we have to tell our truth and drive positive change. 

I’m not simply talking about sharing vulnerability which is well documented by writers like Brenee Brown. I’m talking about sharing with our clients, what from our experience drives us and what resulting beliefs help form our Vision for the world, and ultimately fuel our missions. A trite mission statement that nobody reads will no longer cut it.

So why this topic and why Now?

Last Saturday, I stepped in at the last minute, to run a training day with a group comprising millennials and Generation Z people. I.e. they were pretty much all under thirty. All were students or graduates from further education.

The highlight for me, was hearing first-hand what forty of today’s young people and tomorrow’s leaders think is important.

You won’t be surprised to know it does not impress them with the way things are. And I don’t only mean politics or politicians.

I hear you saying, “So what’s new, nor am I?”

But what came across was the passion they have, not just for rescuing our planet from the devastation caused by humankind’s misuse, but the desire to have a more equal and fairer society where everyone is respected whether they be the same or different from the mainstream.

They want to know more about the people who run our businesses and public services. What do they stand for? What are their values and biggest of all, what are they changing?

This applies to Brands if they’re buying goods and services, companies if they are seeking employment or Practitioners & consultants if they’re seeking advice.

I’ve talked about Purpose in the past; our who, why and what we are but, am going to pull this together in future posts.

Millions of us hated wearing them during the pandemic yet we go through life wearing an invisible mask in a forlorn attempt to keep safe. Only to find ourselves feeling an element of protection, but at the cost of not feeling fully alive.

I include myself when I say, “We have to stop hiding and risk being who we are.”

What are you hiding from and are you prepared to reveal yourself? You might just be missing out.