• Should You Be Vulnerable In The World Of Business

    Image of two chicks on the grass with one hiding behind the other as they feel vulnerable

    Should You Be Vulnerable In The World Of Business – And are you Brave Enough? Sharing vulnerability in the realm of entrepreneurship and leadership is a multifaceted and intricate endeavour, entangled with both the spectre of shame and the shadow of fear, which ought not be ignored. The interplay between shame and fear in this […]


  • Why It’s Time to Be Real

    Image by Jean Nomadino from Pixabay showing stage masks to represent authenticity

    Embracing Authenticity to Lead with Impact and Make a Difference! Why we have to tell our truth and drive positive change. I’m not simply talking about sharing vulnerability which is well documented by writers like Brenee Brown. I’m talking about sharing with our clients, what from our experience drives us and what resulting beliefs help […]