• We are all citizens of Planet Earth

    In my last post, I discussed shame and said I’d be delving into it further. Recent events have given me cause to reflect on my role. As a member of the population of planet earth, I feel deeply ashamed of humankind’s endless ability to inflict pain and suffering on itself. I previously discussed Compassion and […]


  • Empathy & Compassion – What does it mean for you?

    Image of two people holding hands looking down on the earth. So what does empathy and compassion mean to you?

    Empathy & Compassion What does it mean for you? – And an acknowledgement of philosopher Martin Buber’s contribution In my last post I discussed the power of empathy and compassion in the coaching arena. So how do they play out in the world? Empathy and compassion are two interconnected yet distinct concepts that play pivotal […]


  • Empathy in Business

    Silhouette of 2 people with their hands touching and a heart in the background depicting empathy

    Empathy in Business – A given or a strategy? Empathy is generally recognised as one of the cornerstones of effective interpersonal relations, and a caring business. It’s liberally sprinkled across business conversations as an omnipotent solution to various challenges. It absolutely holds undeniable value, but it’s worth asking why its overuse has turned it into […]