• 7 Ways to get support for busy Entrepreneurs & Leaders


    Support Many of you were or are solopreneurs or leaders in organisations where you spend a significant amount of time working alone. As a result, it’s tempting to fall into the trap of feeling you have to figure out everything for yourself. This makes it even more important to get support. What is available? Here […]


  • Is Burnout inevitable in today’s hectic world?

    Burnout is fast becoming endemic in the world of business. In a recent survey by the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 30% of employees admitted they had experienced symptoms of burnout at some point. With leaders and senior managers, the figure rose to 50%. So What is Burnout? Burnout has probably been with us as […]


  • Perfectionism

    Whether you work in an organization or as a solopreneur, perfectionism, the first of our Five barriers to highly effective leadership, is the enemy of both creativity and growth. We’ve all met people who set impossible expectations for themselves. You know who you are! The problem is you are in danger of stifling creativity at […]


  • The 7 Habits of Well Supported Leaders

    What does support look like? The word seems to evoke weakness, so how do we qualify this thing called support? We freely use the word support, and acknowledge its importance, but what is support for business leaders, senior managers, and entrepreneurs? Individuals seem to have their own view of what support looks, sounds, hears, feels, […]


  • The Five Deadly sins of Entrepreneurship?


    There’s something freeing about admitting you have challenges, especially when you discover you’re not alone in experiencing them. Like the time you were a new start-up and were about to launch a new product and woke up in a cold sweat in the night wondering if you’d included a piece of vital information in the […]