• 1 Habit Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

    Image of a lake looking through the trees towards a mountain

    Most successful people share the same handful of things in common: They demonstrate focus, resilience, determination, market knowledge, and a clear strategy. But entrepreneurs in service based sectors in particular, I have noticed that the most successful people have this 1 habit in common: They have a clear Vision & Mission And here’s why: Your […]


  • The Advice my Mentor Gave Me

    Cartoon image of a group of people sitting sharing business ideas

    When I was starting out to set up a new business, My mentor gave me an unforgettable piece of advice. I was beginning to get interested in Psychology & human behaviour, and had been running myself ragged trying to achieve sales. But, like most beginners, I was making a lot of mistakes: I was trying […]


  • 7 Ways to get support for busy Entrepreneurs & Leaders


    Support Many of you were or are solopreneurs or leaders in organisations where you spend a significant amount of time working alone. As a result, it’s tempting to fall into the trap of feeling you have to figure out everything for yourself. This makes it even more important to get support. What is available? Here […]