• What is your leadership style?

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    And why does it help to know? A wide range of scholars have developed and refined the various theories and concepts of leadership over the years. There is ongoing debate and discussion about their validity and applicability in different contexts. Leadership is a complex and multifaceted concept, and there are many definitions and perspectives on […]


  • To lead or how not to lead, is that the question?

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    In response to my last article on Conscious Leadership, I had a lot of comments and questions asking about leadership styles. I’d like your thoughts on this but to set the ball rolling, I’m briefly discussing autocratic and democratic leadership which are two distinct styles of leadership that differ in their approach to decision-making and […]


  • Six Must-Haves for Positive Change

    Shelley Bridgman Blog - Six Must-Haves for Positive Change

    Whether you’re a business leader or an entrepreneur, six key components must be in place before you can maximise your potential and success.   We can broadly summarise them as: Do you and your team have a coherent plan and process to enable the realisation of your vision? Is the working environment conducive to the success […]


  • “Unlockdown”

    Shelley Bridgman - Blog - Unlockdown

    So here we are – unlockdown – England has now abandoned lockdown restrictions, – but only if you want to.   Two-thirds of the adult population have had two vaccinations so we can relax. On the other hand, there are thousands of fresh cases every day, and some people have been double vaccinated yet are […]


  • Why we mustn’t let acts of racism and hate speech directed at minorities go unchecked.

    Shelley Bridgman Blog Why we mustn't let acts of racism and hate speech directed at minorities go unchecked.

    All English, all talented, all courageous, all deserve more respect, all deserve more gratitude for their service to English football and their contribution to society.  I recently posted about unconscious biases and showed that we all possess them and left unchallenged, they lead us to make unhealthy decisions both for us and others. Bringing these biases […]