• Things you didn’t know about coaches

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    There are a lot of things most people don’t know about working in the Coaching space. For example, did you know… The Best Coaches are nosey parkers. They want to know as much about you and your situation as possible They spend more time on preparation and follow up than on the Coaching Call itself. […]


  • Building a Visionary Mindset

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    Building a Visionary Mindset: Key Strategies for Leaders Who Want to Influence Change and become Conscious Leaders Conscious Leadership goes beyond managing resources or making decisions. It’s about inspiring change and driving progress. Developing a visionary mindset is crucial for leaders looking to make a big impact. This type of mindset allows leaders to see […]


  • 3 reasons why telling people “What” you are is boring

    3 reasons why telling people “What” you are is boring – And why nobody cares about your job I frequently meet individuals who mould their sense of self around their occupation, their job. Fine, but is that how you see yourself? Following on from our look at “Why” you are, I’m going to take a […]


  • What does it take to make a great communicator?

    How do Diversity thinkers communicate? Communication is key to all relationships, but effective communication is a must with our market and our clients. The problem is the first thing many people ask themselves is, “How do I convey my message?” They then ask themselves, “What problem am I solving?” Fine, but what about asking the […]


  • Does Who You Are Matter As Much As Your Why?

    Does who you are matter as much as your why? Given that your clients and customers want to know what you, your service or products will do for them, what information do your potential clients want from you? We are witnessing the rise of Conscious Capitalism and the growing awareness of the impact our lifestyles and […]