Shelley Bridgman Blog Does Who You Are Matter As Much As Your Why?

Does who you are matter as much as your why?

Given that your clients and customers want to know what you, your service or products will do for them, what information do your potential clients want from you?

We are witnessing the rise of Conscious Capitalism and the growing awareness of the impact our lifestyles and product choices have on our planet and on the global community. As businesses and consumers alike become more aware of the need to make a positive impact on the environment, what do your clients want to know about you, the product or service provider? The five ‘W’ questions sum up the choices.

These are my five ‘W’s. The first three are perhaps obvious.

What: What do I provide? 

Where: Where do I provide it?

When: When is it available?

Increasingly, our customers also want to know what we stand for, our…

Why: Why do we do what we do, our vision, our purpose?

In order to find our why we need to know who we are, and I believe our clients and customers increasingly want to know who we are and our view of the world. They want a relationship; they want to know our values.

Who: When asked, “Who you are?” do you answer with your occupation? – consultant, speaker, entrepreneur, CEO, or do you share who you really are? – teacher, healer, guide maybe?

What would your reply be?

Does it even matter? 

I’d love to know your views, please leave a comment