The world is in a state of flux. There is uncertainty about what needs to be done while we wrestle with whatever we want our world to look like. It follows, your customers are increasingly interested in what you stand for and your business vision for the future. Not just what you do and how you do it.  

Be it, climate change, equality, education, poverty, diversity and inclusion to name few, people want to know what you value. What your Vision is.   

Whether you’re the leader of a corporation or a solopreneur, a clear, inspirational vision will inspire your clients. It will also make them feel connected and motivate the people in your organisation.   

Your vision is what you aspire to see in the future. You may not see it in your lifetime, but you want to take action to bring your vision closer to reality. For example, you may wish to eradicate world poverty, and although you may not see it in your lifetime, you act to make a difference.   

When defining your vision, can you see it, what do you hear, how does it feel? If it inspires you, your customers are likely to be inspired.  

A mission statement defines what you do and how you do it in the present. However a vision statement defines what changes you want to see, what direction you are heading in and how it contributes to the vision.  


In short, your vision is your why, your aspirations, and charts the way forward. Your mission is your how and the what you do.   

Next time, I’ll discuss your mission and how, combined with your vision, it will provide you with your purpose.