In this series on Purpose, I’ve discussed: –

Understanding through painful experience

Accessing the gifts you already posses

Finding meaning through contribution and growth

Thriving through connection

I touched on contribution, but contribution should be present throughout all the elements of purpose. If we remember we only have to use our gifts to the best of our ability, and can let go of changing the entire world with grandiose dreams, we’ll feel fulfilled. That ‘insignificant’ event that helped a single person may be something you can repeat over and over. When we compound even small actions, they amplify and become something even larger. 


All too often, I meet individuals working tirelessly in isolation. It’s as though they are on a mission only they can complete or solve. Working in isolation can be necessary and we may be more efficient, but for effective change, we may benefit from other like-minded change agents. When we collaborate, our strength multiplies, and we can achieve so much more. There are countless examples of well-meaning individuals and organisations who sought to build a school or medical facility in the third world only to find that another organisation such as a registered charity is already fund raising and close to beginning a building project.
As I discussed when looking at connection, when we get in the arena, good people have a habit of showing up. Keep an eye open for them, but share your objectives and also check to see what else is happening in the same arena.


We often think of a contribution as a sum of money or an item. Philanthropy is much needed and philanthropists effect positive change that sometimes wouldn’t happen without their contribution. We can all contribute to causes that inspire and move us. We can give a small percentage of our profits and many large businesses create charitable foundations. Any amount is worthwhile.
When we think of contribution as an integral part of our purpose, contribution becomes an action. What we provide and what we do to improve lives. But don’t think of contribution as an act of altruism. Think of contribution as an investment. Know you will ultimately receive far more than you contribute.

Last, remember, if you’re not sure what your next step should be, take a stand for something or someone. Wait for the magic to happen.

Next time……..   Putting it all together and becoming who you already are!