There’s something depressing about the notion that a short questionnaire can give you the answer to this vital question, especially if you have spent years searching for the answer.

Some of us spend a lifetime of self-questioning and frustration. We go on workshop after workshop looking for the answers. Each time, we learn something, feel connected and then experience a slow drift back to where we were before we attended. 

Then we become more and more depressed because we feel inadequate. After all, everyone else is getting it, so what’s wrong with me?

You come away resolved to figure it out for yourself, only to sign up for another course or workshop a few months later. That is the reason I will not fall into the trap of giving you “six steps to fulfillment” in this article.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that you already have the answer within you, but if you’re not clear about your purpose, it might well be because, deep down in your subconscious, it feels too scary. After all, if you stop searching and go for it, you might fail. It’s that familiar inner voice that whispers “I’m not good enough” or the voice which is rarely mentioned, “I’m too much for a world that can’t or doesn’t want to accommodate me.”

In a previous article, I discussed Vision & Mission. If you’re clear about these and can own them, I mean really own them, you may be there. In my experience of coaching people on this very topic, I often find they’ve been doing what I call “Unconscious self-deprecation.” In short, self-censorship. For this reason, you’ll need feedback from others to help you. If you’re inside the building, you can’t see the name on the door.

I’m going to write a longer piece to detail some questions to ask yourself, and to ask others. For now, know that you are blessed, and have a gift the world needs. Never more than it does now.