I recently described your Vision as what you aspire to see in the future. You may not see it in your lifetime, but you want to take action to bring your vision closer to reality. Mission defines what you do and how you do it in the present. It contributes to the vision.

To test the authenticity of your Vision & Mission Statements, an assessment of your values will provide the answer.

Here are some questions to ask yourself. In each case, list two answers.

How do I fill my time?
What do I always make time for?
What are you doing when you feel motivated?
What do I spend my money on?
What do I discuss when I meet friends?
What inspires me?
What do I dream about and visualise most?

See where there is overlap and group them together. For example, if you love music, discuss music consistently with family and friends and spend your money on concerts, group these together.

When you’ve done this, you will see an emerging pattern, a clarity about your values. You may also discover why something is missing in your life. If your relationships are problematic, how much time to do you give to family or friends?

Finally, do your values feel congruent with your Vision & Mission? If not, it could be you would do well to reassess them. Can you own the Vision or is it a vision you felt you ought to have? In short, is it someone else’s vision?