• Why understanding your Values is priceless

    Why understanding your Values is priceless

    In a noisy world keeping Focussed on what matters is a growing challenge for Entrepreneurs, consultants and in the sphere of business. It’s very easy to become distracted by ‘shiny objects’. In my recent post on Values I suggested, you will always make time for activities falling in line with your values. When you decide […]


  • Are you led by your values or your beliefs?

    Values ….. Reflect whatever is important to us. As we grow and develop, our values may alter, but they tend to be deeply held. Separating Values from beliefs is important as we intertwine our Values with our deeply held desires rather than short-term goals. Values represent what’s important to us. If we pursue goals not […]


  • Why Do You Need to See The Big Picture?

    In a recent post, I suggested a ‘Big Picture’ vision is best supported by goals that have small progressive steps rather than big single goals.  A reader emailed me and posed the question, “Surely it would be better to have big goals even if I don’t achieve them?” That way I’d at least get closer?” It’s […]


  • Vision, Mission & Values

    Metametrics Blog Vision, Mission, Values

    I recently described your Vision as what you aspire to see in the future. You may not see it in your lifetime, but you want to take action to bring your vision closer to reality. Mission defines what you do and how you do it in the present. It contributes to the vision. To test […]