Smiling Shark

We all know leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s culture, values, and overall performance. Poor leadership has far-reaching consequences, often manifesting in poor service delivery. The five-star hotel I recently stayed in boasted superb facilities, but also possessed apathetic and disinterested staff. The customer most definitely did not come first.

How on earth can this happen?

I’m pretty sure the following are major contributors, but what do you think?

Lack of Vision and Direction

Without a clear aim, workers lack motivation, perform poorly, and provide inadequate service. Without a shared understanding of the organisation’s Vision, Mission and goals, employees struggle to align their tasks. Customers experience a fragmented service with negative outcomes.

Training and Development

When leadership fails to prioritise these areas, employees lack the skills and expertise to deliver excellent service.

Low Morale and Motivation      

When leaders fail to inspire and empower their teams, employees become disheartened and lacking in motivation.        

Effective Communication

Leadership sets the tone for effective communication within an organisation. Poor leaders often lack openness, stop listening to their employees, and neglect to promote open dialogue. People form cliques, and they hinder the seamless delivery of service by causing communication breakdowns.


Effective leadership is obviously critical to an organisation’s success, especially when it comes to delivering exceptional service. Poor leadership leads to a cascade of negative effects, resulting in a decline in service quality. I trust the hotel I stayed in will act before it’s too late. With strong leadership, it’s possible for organisations to restore their service excellence, drive employee engagement, and cultivate a customer focussed culture.

What contributors would you add?