In last week’s post, I discussed meditation and received countless requests for information. I went to an expert on the topic who provides a free meditation course on his site. James Granstrom recounts his journey:

“My story is a journey from addictive behaviours to inner peace, happiness, exuberant health and well-being. In the Autumn of 2003 in my late 20’s, I was considering how to get out of the loop of lunacy I was caught up in. I was drinking heavily and partying excessively and my levels of anxiety were at an all-time high. My life was a mess.

I needed something to ease my pain, which didn’t involve covering it up with drink. What I needed was to find another way that helped me reset and reboot my levels of well-being, but I didn’t know how or where to begin. That’s when I came across meditation.

Meditation changed everything for me. Would you believe it, that sitting still every day for 20 minutes quieting the mind brought about a seismic happy shift within me? No medication, no counselling, no chanting, just sitting in silence. That’s what happened, and it can happen for you too if you’re suffering in any way. Silence really is golden if you learn to listen.

Meditation provides so many benefits such as strengthening your brain, improves the immune system, promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness, increases your attention span, improves memory, generates compassion, releases addictions, improves sleep, increases creativity and reduces stress.

True well-being starts by learning how to quiet your mind and a daily meditation practice helps you achieve this.

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Live life in Balance.