– greater turnover and bigger profit are already taken! And, anyway I’m talking about you, not the business.

As a prelude to my series on taking ownership of yourselves and your Foundation stories i.e. the experiences that give you the credibility and authority to provide the services you provide, it’s important to identify and acknowledge the problems you face as the Leader.

When I recently asked this question of 50 Entrepreneurs and Business leaders, I.e. what their biggest problems or challenges were, as you might expect, I received a whole range of answers.

Everyone from More of the right clients to Lack of time (very few actually said Time Management). From maintaining Peak Performance to effective Pricing.

The top three were:

  • Burnout or concern they may head toward it
  • Working in isolation for long periods
  • Lack of time – interestingly, they did not use the phrase time management

If you’re an entrepreneur, consultant or Business Leader, what would yours be?

I’m going to address the How to overcome them question in future posts, but for now, I’d be grateful for your thoughts and opinions.

If you don’t want to share your answer publicly, please message me