Becoming a Conscious Leader

The three pillars needed to become a Conscious leader committed to changing lives and making a difference.

Just recently I’ve worked with leaders who have tasted success but are feeling frustrated, exhausted, and even burned out.

If you know you’re here for a reason, but despite success, still feel unfulfilled, you’re not alone. I was in that place

I want to share my three Pillars for finding fulfilment.


A start with Why philosophy asserts that understanding the fundamental “why” behind our actions will provide a clear sense of purpose.

The problem is, if you don’t know who you are, and I mean Who you really are and were always destined to be, you’ll pick the wrong why. You’ll wear the mask of acceptability and pick the Why that feel is doable

And here’s the problem. That’s exactly what everyone else does. If you want to stand out from the crowd and stand in your greatness, you have to own who you are.

“Who you are” refers to your sense of identity. It’s a combination of your genetic makeup, your experiences, and the cultural & societal influences around us.

These help form your beliefs, values, and the characteristics which make you unique, and give you your sense of identity, – who you are.

When those beliefs inhibit your ability to be who you truly are and were meant to be we have to root them out, discover where they came from, understand they were relevant at the time but no longer serve you, then you can begin to own your true self.

Remember re-claiming who you truly are can take some time but, will profoundly change your life.

This is my take. What would yours be?

Next time the Why