In this brief series on Purpose, I listed 5 Keys to finding your Purpose:

1. Understanding through painful experience

2. Accessing the gifts you already posses

3. Finding meaning through contribution and growth

4. Thriving through connection

5.  Becoming who you already are

Last time, I talked about understanding through painful experience. In this post I briefly want to discuss:

Accessing the gifts you already posses

“And all work. Is empty save where there is love”—Kahlil Gibran.

When we love doing something, we are usually very good at it. If we’re not very good at it, we practise. Since practising something we love is fun, it stops feeling like work, and guess what? We get good at it.

For some, ‘Purpose’ is a spiritual calling. For many of us, it’s an evolving journey and can change more than once in our lifetimes. Rather than simply reflecting on what it is, you can find out by doing the things you love.

Here are some examples to get you thinking about it.

Creative, determined, honest, passionate, focussed, considerate, empathic, detailed, entrepreneurial……

It is sometimes difficult to do a self-appraisal of our gifts, as our subconscious is very good at protecting us from risk taking and resulting pain. If we’ve been conditioned to avoid ‘bragging’, we may likewise find it difficult to own our gifts.

One approach I usually recommend is to ask a trusted friend or client. It’s important to impress the need for honesty upon them. This is not the time for either exaggerated praise or modesty.

You may prefer to use one of the on-line assessment tools to kick start the process. Deep down, you know the answers, but it can feel challenging if you’re worried about ‘getting it wrong.’ Please know that you can’t get it wrong if you allow your gifts to breathe and put them to use. If you fear failing, know that you can only fail if you and your gifts stay hidden.

Next time, I’ll discuss the vital roles of contribution and growth.