Unveiling Your self: A Guide to Self-Discovery through Reflective Practice

If you’re anything like me, you spent hours over the New Year reflecting on your life, where you are now and where you aspire to be in both your personal and work life. In our urgency to set goals and plan it’s easy to overlook the importance of reflecting on where we are and how we got there, achievements and challenges.

Psychologists like Knapp, Gottlieb & Handlesman emphasize the importance of self-reflection for personal and professional development. For more see here.

Here are seven keys to powerful self-reflection

1.The environment for Self-reflection:
The consensus is we benefit from a peaceful environment, free from distractions. This might be a quiet room, a serene spot in nature, or any place where your thoughts flow unhindered. Others like me, benefit from a populated environment such as a coffee shop or, when I’m in London, the Map Room in the British Library. Allow yourself to choose whatever works best for you.

This is the first step. In the next posts I will take a dive into..

2. The Power of Journaling:
3. Asking the Right Questions:
4. Mindfulness and Meditation:
5. Embracing Vulnerability:
6. Seeking Feedback:
7. Continuous Learning and Adaptation:

The path to understanding oneself and uncovering one’s direction, even purpose (click here for my post on Purpose) is personal and uniquely individual. Self-reflection is just one way, but through the practice of self-reflection, you will peel away the layers of external influences and societal expectations, revealing the core of your being. This journey requires patience, honesty, and courage, but the rewards are immeasurable.