Image of a girl riding a bike to represent a purposeful life

Unleashing Your Potential:

Embracing Your Purpose with Confidence

The last four years have witnessed a fundamental shake-up in our lives. The notion that we are in control (not that we ever were) of events outside of ourselves is being challenged.
Depending on your viewpoint, we are being manipulated to give up control and accept whatever the “State” decrees. Alternatively, we can decide our skills and unique gifts are vital and decree, “Now is MY time.”

Here are five Keys to living a purposeful life.

1. Understanding through painful experience

When we face illness, catastrophe, accidents, and disasters, we often emerge finding meaning and purpose. I have listened to stories from clients who have described hugely challenging and painful beyond belief experiences, and then stated, “Looking back, it was the best thing that has happened to me.”

2. Accessing the gifts you already possess

Simple, yet this can be a challenging concept. You don’t need to buy books with a magic secret to finding purpose. Stop looking outward for the answers and look inside yourself.
We are born with the gifts we need to fulfil our purpose. But like the brilliant musician born with natural ability, we need to practice and develop our skills. When the task aligns with our values, it feels right, and we enjoy it.

3. Finding meaning through contribution and growth

We recognise prosperity flourishes when we provide something others want and need. Just as the heart functions by pumping blood throughout our bodies, and then returning to the heart to repeat the cycle, we must contribute to receive in order to survive and grow.

4. Thriving through connection

When we understand we are part of a greater whole, we add our gifts and enjoy the gifts of others. I remember working with someone who had the admirable intention of building a school for underprivileged children in a third world country.

She spent months working on getting the project approved, only to find there was already a similar project underway in a nearby region. By adding her resources to the existing project, she made an even greater contribution.

5. Embracing who you already are

The biggest barrier to our own well-being is the desire to change ourselves because we don’t believe we are enough, or we fear the world will reject us if it really knew us. To protect ourselves, we wear an invisible mask to hide from the world.

When we free ourselves from this self-imposed exile from life, we will see our vision more clearly, connect with our mission, and will become passionate about it. Because we believe in ourselves, the world then believes in us and shares our vision.

What are you waiting for?