• Becoming a Conscious Leader

    Becoming a Conscious Leader The three pillars needed to become a Conscious leader committed to changing lives and making a difference. Just recently I’ve worked with leaders who have tasted success but are feeling frustrated, exhausted, and even burned out. If you know you’re here for a reason, but despite success, still feel unfulfilled, you’re […]


  • Five Keys to Overcoming Fear

    Five keys to Overcoming Fear As discussed in my previous article, Fear is a fundamental human emotion that influences entrepreneurs just as it does every other person. Here, I’m exploring fear and how we can overcome it. Søren Kierkegaard, a 19th-century philosopher, believed fear and anxiety are essential for personal growth. That said, understanding and […]


  • “Unlockdown”

    Shelley Bridgman - Blog - Unlockdown

    So here we are – unlockdown – England has now abandoned lockdown restrictions, – but only if you want to.   Two-thirds of the adult population have had two vaccinations so we can relax. On the other hand, there are thousands of fresh cases every day, and some people have been double vaccinated yet are […]