So here we are – unlockdown – England has now abandoned lockdown restrictions, – but only if you want to.  

Two-thirds of the adult population have had two vaccinations so we can relax. On the other hand, there are thousands of fresh cases every day, and some people have been double vaccinated yet are still catching Covid.

You no longer have to wear a mask, but some shops/venues may still want you to.   When the language is unclear, people stop listening.

However, while we all criticise governments for mixed messaging, we all have the ability and the responsibility to make healthy choices.                         

In your business, do you rely on your clients to take responsibility for understanding what you provide? How guilty are you for unclear messaging in your business?  

The long hot days of summer may provide some time (I know you’re always busy) to review and refine our messaging. It’s definitely something I need to do.    #leadership #mindsetchange #mindsetcoaching