Whether you’re a business leader or an entrepreneur, six key components must be in place before you can maximise your potential and success.  

We can broadly summarise them as:

Do you and your team have a coherent plan and process to enable the realisation of your vision? Is the working environment conducive to the success of the Plan?

Are the specific steps clearly defined, shared and agreed?

Have you undertaken an honest appraisal of the skills and capability of the organisation to ensure delivery is possible?

 Are your organisation’s values in alignment with the values of the leader’s values?    

 Is your Mission Statement just that, i.e. words on paper, or is it owned by everyone in the organisation?   

Before any of these can be fully and effectively implemented, there is one further key element without which, your business will be like a ship without a rudder.

Both you and the organisation must have a clear vision. What difference are you going to make? Organisations always claim to have a clear vision, but if the members of the organisation can ‘t articulate it, it won’t be communicated to the customers and your vision remains unseen. The Vision tells the world ‘Who I am’ as an entrepreneur or ‘Who we are’ as an organisation. I will address this crucial element in the first post in this series beginning next week. 

Assuming you have brilliant products or services that are wanted by your market, what do you believe to be the keys to the success of your business?