Are you fed up with being told, “If you’re not where you want to be, it’s because you’re not providing enough value, not being of service?”

I will not argue with that statement, but how do you define value or being of service? Well, here’s the good news: Figuring out how you can best be of service doesn’t have to be complicated. We make it difficult by thinking we have to find a deep, almost spiritual purpose. We believe we have…

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How to Find Your Purpose by Putting Your Gifts to Work

In this brief series on Purpose, I listed 5 Keys to finding your Purpose: 1. Understanding through painful experience 2. Accessing the gifts you already posses 3. Finding meaning through contribution and growth 4. Thriving through connection 5.  Becoming who you already are Last time, I talked about understanding through painful experience. In this post I…

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Finding Purpose in Life is Not Difficult

The last two years have witnessed a fundamental shake-up in most of our lives. The notion that we are in control (not that we ever were) of events outside of ourselves is being questioned and, for some, is being shattered.  Few of us are old enough to remember a time when our way of life…

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Shelley Bridgman Blog - Business Vision

Why Your Vision Matters to Both You and Your Customers

The world is in a state of flux. There is uncertainty about what needs to be done while we wrestle with whatever we want our world to look like. It follows, your customers are increasingly interested in what you stand for and your business vision for the future. Not just what you do and how…

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