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Can’t Find Your Purpose?

There’s something depressing about the notion that a short questionnaire can give you the answer to this vital question, especially if you have spent years searching for the answer. Some of us spend a lifetime of self-questioning and frustration. We go on workshop after workshop looking for the answers. Each time, we learn something, feel…

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Vision, Mission & Values

I recently described your Vision as what you aspire to see in the future. You may not see it in your lifetime, but you want to take action to bring your vision closer to reality. Mission defines what you do and how you do it in the present. It contributes to the vision. To test…

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Vision, Mission …? The missing piece of the jigsaw is “Values”

As a coach, I understand the significance of values as whenever I work with someone who is working outside of them; they struggle. So why do we sometimes struggle to find clarity over this area? One of the common barriers to understanding our values is the “should” factor. All too often, I work with people who are…

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Is Finding Your Purpose a Self-Help Cliché?

More words are written about purpose than almost any other topic in the personal development/self-help movement.  Some commentators simplify purpose down to finding the right vocation. Others make the spiritual connection. Finding Nirvana.  My definition is “to live in the deepest expression of who we are, who we were born to be”. I will not…

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Why you should know your Mission from your Vision

Vision and Mission Statements. Your Vision is your why – your aspirations – it charts the way forward. Above all, it’s what you envision the future to look like, even if you don’t know when it will happen. Your Mission statement has a goal therefore, it is the how and the what you do. This…

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