As individuals and organisation leaders, we often start with Vision and Mission Statements. While these may evolve and grow, our core values are embedded, almost part of our DNA. If we don’t understand the importance of understanding ourselves and recognising the elements of purpose, we are likely to miss the mark. 

It’s exactly why businesses can sometimes flounder after an acquisition. The finance gurus will find ways of improving the bottom line without fully understanding what made the business so special was its product range or the way it provided a service. The result is the product or service can no longer deliver what made it so special. 

As a summary of my recent posts, we can broadly say the elements of who we are as individuals and leaders are: –

· Understanding the lessons of painful experience

· Accessing the gifts, you already posses

· Thriving through connection

· Understanding our Values

· Finding meaning through contribution and growth

As Leaders we need to be asking two further vital questions, “What is the greatest service I can offer the world?”

And in order to ‘Become who you were born to be’, “How clearly do you express the potential of your authentic voice? With what is happening in our world today, we all need to step up. It’s time we really heard you.